Constantly consumed by containing this beast.

Contagious coughing unleashed from the east?

Calling off concerts, and companies closed.

Controlling the virus, confinement imposed.

Collective conformance to curtail the spread.

Commuting confined to Key Workers instead.

Cremations increasing, Care Homes cannot cope.

Calling for caution, you’ll listen – they hope.

Compulsively cleaning, cloth masks on your face.

Can’t call on or cuddle those outside your place.

Confusion, concealment and contrasting views.

Collapsing economy again on the news.

Cafes can open, come in to “help out!”

Carefree commuting, clubs out and about.

Can open. Cannot. Careers crash and crumble.

Chairs, Chiefs and Captains all in a fumble.

Campaigns on conditions from ‘Us for Them’.

Kids crammed into classrooms, total mayhem.

Collusion, commotion, vaccine advice.

Complaining and chaos ‘cause nothing’s concise.

Crowds come together for Christmas cheer.

Covid cases increase into next year.

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